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Empowering Our Youth For Tomorrow

The benefits of a quality mentor and mentee relationship have numerous and lasting benefits.


Studies have found evidence that both formal and informal mentoring have the potential to benefit boys in a range of areas, including academics (e.g., grades), social-emotional well-being (e.g., relationships with others), mental health (e.g., alcohol use), and preventing risky behaviors (e.g., sexual activity).


Wisdom in Motion focuses on a Developmental Mentoring model. Our mentors are matched with their mentees to offer their support and guidance. Mentoring focuses on developing capability by working with the mentee’s goals to help them realize their potential. The mentee is responsible for their learning and development and setting the direction and goals for the relationship. The flow of learning is two-way in a mentoring relationship and the mentor often gains as much as the mentee.


Wisdom in Motion utilizes a combination of one on one meetings and group meetings to support youth. The monthly schedule consists of one group outing, one group meeting that focuses on a topic or speaker and two one on one meetings decided between mentee and mentor. This model allows both the mentors and mentees to build bonds that will last, while also providing a larger network for support and learning.

Interested in learning more about volunteering to be a youth mentor? Click Here


Life Skills Mentorship

Our Developmental Mentoring program is designed for youth ages 12-21


GED Prep

Preparation classes in Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. GED also available. 




Cultural Cooking

In these classes we examine foods that define cultures

One-On-One Tutoring



Free tutoring sessions are held every Thursday and Saturday for ages 12-18


No upcoming events at the moment
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